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Jennifer Hunter, C.N.P, R.N.C.P

Certified Nutritional Practitioner &

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner



Nutrition in the workplace

Many companies are providing group nutritional seminars and private consultations 

for their valuable staff members. 

Ask your workplace management if they would like to increase productivity and reduce sick days by providing their staff with healthy nutritional guidelines!!




Complete List of Available Seminars


Pre-Registration Required

Call to arrange a date and time for your private or group or corporate seminar(s).

Available days, evenings and weekends for your convenience.


Group Discount Plan: 

The discounts are based on the prices 

that are listed beside each seminar below.

Please inquire about rates for larger groups.


The nutritional seminars provide valuable dietary information on a variety of interesting topics.  If there are other topics that you would like to learn more about, please let me know. 

Seminar #1 - ( 2 hours, $100/private) will Include the Following Information - How to Change to a Whole Food Diet, How to Read Food Labels & How to Do a Basic Body Cleanse

This seminar will cover tips on planning your own menuís. Preparing meals at home is crucial for good health. It is the only way to ensure that you are eating whole natural foods and a diet that is low in fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar and contains all of the nutrients necessary. There will also be tips on grocery shopping, lists of essential kitchen tools to make cooking more efficient, lists of foods to stock in your kitchen, information on reading food labels and how to do a 1 and 2 day cleanse.

Seminar #2 - ( 2 hours, $100/private) will Include the Following Information - How to Enhance the Digestive System, Proper Food Combining, The Importance of Maintaining Proper Acid/Alkaline Balance in the Body, The Basics to Healthy Eating

This seminar will cover tips on improving the efficiency of the digestive system, if you are not digesting your food properly, you are not absorbing all of the nutrients from the foods. Maintaining proper acid/alkaline balance is crucial for optimum health, an acidic body is a breading ground for cancer and other illnesses. The basics to healthy eating will cover each food group in detail and much more.

Seminar #3 - ( 2 hours, $100/private) will Include the Following Information - How to Strengthen your Immune System, Managing Stress with Proper Nutrition, Harmful Foods and Healthy Alternatives

This seminar will cover nutritional tips on enhancing your immune system to reduce the occurrence and duration of illnesses. Prevention is the key to health. Stress is very harmful to the body, learn what nutrients are necessary for the body to cope with stress. There are many harmful foods stocked on store shelves, learn about some of them and what are the healthier alternatives.


Cleansing with Foods - (1 hr. - Private $60) This seminar will provide valuable information about how to cleanse the body using foods, teas, and other suggestions that will assist in the cleanse. Spring and summer are the best times of the year to clean out the body. Instructions will be provided on how to do a one day, 2 day and one week cleanse. 

Nutrition During Pregnancy & Nursing & Infant Nutrition - (1 1/2 hr. - Private $80.00) This is a valuable seminar for any women who is planning on becoming pregnant. Learn what nutrients to increase during pregnancy and which need to be maintained during nursing in order to maintain the mothers energy and nutritional well being while at the same time nourishing a growing baby. Learn when and how to introduce solid foods to your infant. Compare breast milk to formula's. Learn about the different formula's that are available. Compare homemade versus commercial solid foods. 

Food Combining, Fats, Food Labels, Harmful Foods & Healthy Alternatives - (2 hrs. - Private $100.00) - This course will cover the importance of fiber, the different kinds of fiber and how to include fiber into the daily diet. Understand the body's necessity for water. Learn about the different kinds of fats and which we should avoid. The rules for proper food combining for optimal digestion. Understand why certain foods are harmful to the body and what the alternatives are. Lastly how to read and interpret food labels.

Basics to Healthy Eating - (1 hr - Private $60.00) This seminar includes the importance of water,  fibre, protein, grains, vegetables and fruits. Includes many helpful suggestions for healthy eating. 


How to Change to a Whole Food Diet - (1 hr. - Private $60.00) Tips on planning weekly menus, grocery shpping and food preparation. Lists of the essential kitchen tools that will make cooking easier, faster and more efficient. Lists of the basic foods to stock in your pantry for efficient cooking. Crockpot, pressure cooker and bread machine recipes will also be included, as well as more valuable information to help you to make the transition to healthy eating as easy as possible.

 All About Vegetarianism - (1 1/2 hr. - Private $80.00) This seminar will explain how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet, which involves much more than just avoiding meat. It is important to replace animal proteins with good vegetable sources, to ensure adequate iron intake and to provide the body with a balance of foods to avoid illness. Learn about the different kinds of vegetarian diets, the importance of maintaining proper acid/alkaline balance in the body with the use of food, the benefits and the limitations of this kind of diet and much more.

How Diet Affects High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Levels -  (1 hr. - Private $60.00) This seminar will cover the importance of a whole foods diet for the cardiovascular system. We will discuss how the essential fatty acids help the body to liquefy fats, how the mucous forming foods contribute to clogged arteries, and the importance of water. Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall health of the heart and arteries.

How Diet Affects Asthma  - ( 1 hr. - Private $60.00) Learn which foods contribute to respiratory difficulties, which foods are beneficial to the lungs and which nutrients are commonly lacking in asthmatics. We will discuss how food allergies and sensitivities play a role and how to determine which are the problem foods in order to avoid them. Learn how a rotation diet will prevent the occurrence of new food allergies. There are many dietary options for helping the body to regain its strength and lessen the symptoms of asthma.

Optimum Digestion - (1 hr. - Private $60.00) Poor digestion can cause stomach pains, gas, bloating, heart burn, diarrhea, constipation and will affect the body's ability to absorb valuable nutrients from food. This seminar will explains ways to increase the effectiveness of the digestive system.

Acid/ Alkaline Balance - (1 hr. - Private $60.00) Explains  which foods when combined in the body with enzymes and digestive juices are acidic and which are alkaline and how to create a balance. 

Chemical Additives - (1 hr. - Private $60.00) This seminar will discuss the harmful effects on the body of some of the commonly used chemical preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners that are found in processed foods.

Fundamentals of Nutrition - (1 1/2 hr. - Private $80.00) A brief introduction to vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. This seminar goes into detail on each of the vitamins and minerals and the 12 amino acids. Learn what their vital roles are in the body and which foods contain sources of each.