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Some of my most popular nutritional services are now available online! Perfect for those who live outside of Brampton or for people who don't want to commute. You can now stay in the comfort of your own home and receive professional, personalized nutritional advice at your fingertips. The information will be sent by e-mail as an attachment from Microsoft Word document. Print out the information yourself and follow the guidelines to a healthier you!

NEW: Payment for these online services is now available through Paypal!

Another payment option is called Interac e-Transfer. Visit your banks website for details on this easy and safe form of payment.

 After registering, all further interactions will be by e-mail, unless phone conversations are requested, in which case the client will incur any long distance fees.

Online 8 Week Natural Health Program


Could you use some guidance to help you reach your nutritional goals? Would you like to have a better understanding of nutrition and food and how it affects your body, your immune system, your emotions, and how clearly you are able to think? 

This program can provide you with all of this and so much more.  The program provides structure, support and suggestions for people who are determined to improve their eating habits. Once a week for 8 weeks you will receive an e-mail with weekly goals and nutritional facts. Print it out yourself and follow the guidelines each week, if you have questions we will discuss those via e-mails or over the phone. This program will assist you in reaching your personal health goals, perhaps they include increasing energy levels, weight loss, eliminate acne, avoid constipation, improve digestion, deal with skin and hair problems, yeast infections, food allergies or sensitivities. Tell me what your goals are and I will personalize the program to your needs.

  The program is personalized to your needs, health goals and interests.  Promoting a gradual dietary change towards a whole food diet and away from processed  and refined foods.

 This Natural Health Program will provide you with a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Some extended health care plans will completely cover the cost of health programs.

Online Personalized Nutritional Evaluation


Some extended health care plans will cover the cost or partial cost for a personalized evaluation.

The online personalized nutritional evaluation involves an initial e-mail that I send to you with questions regarding your health goals, what you typically eat in a day, and questions related to any symptoms you may have that will help me to create your plan. You would just  highlight, copy and paste these questions into your reply e-mail where you can answer the questions and send it back to me. I will then, write your personalized report and within 2 weeks I will attach it to another e-mail to you. At which point I would be happy to answer any questions via e-mail you might have regarding your report.

The nutritional evaluation is essential to anyone who is striving to reach their optimal health. The assessment will indicate nutritional deficiencies, evaluate and compare your current food intake with the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) created by Health and Welfare Canada in regards to protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and certain vitamin and mineral intakes. It will also provide recommendations for healthy food, supplements & herbal selections. Proper nutrition may help you to lose weight, increase energy levels, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, improve and prevent acne & PMS and so much more.

A personalized nutritional evaluation will give you the information you need to achieve your health goals.

Online Menu Plan

Are you stuck in a rut eating the same foods day in and day out? Are you eating out at restaurants and fast food places the majority of the time? Are you feeling tired, low energy, having difficulty achieving your health goals or suffering with health issues? A personalized menu plan makes grocery shopping easy, will ensure that you are eating a healthy diet that is high in fibre, includes low fat proteins, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating at home can be easy and enjoyable, and best of all you will reap the benefits of eating a whole food diet. This avoids processed refined foods that are high in unhealthy fats, sugars, salt, contain chemical preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, and are low in fibre. Processed refined foods contribute to disease. Take control of what you are eating and improve your nutritional wellbeing!

A menu plan can be created for an individual, family or group home. Rates will vary accordingly, please call for more details. The menu plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and  2 - 3 snacks per day, as well as recipes, weekly grocery lists and a basics to healthy eating recommendation.

Individual prices are as follows:

1 Week Rotation Menu $175

2 Week Rotation Menu $300 

4 Week Rotation Menu $550 

This includes 2 e-mails, the first is a questionnaire to assess your food preferences, food allergies, health concerns and health goals. Two weeks later, I will send you the second e-mail which will include the menu plan and brief description and I will answer any questions that you may have.


Choose from a selection of one week menus and simplify your life while eating a balanced diet! Each plan includes an easy to follow menu with 3 meals and 3 snacks daily for 7 days, a weekly grocery list, recipe booklet and healthy eating tips. 

Payment may be made using the Paypal link or Interac e-Transfer or arrange to pick up your printed menu and pay by cash.

Limited time low introductory price of $45/menu plan!!! 

Four menus to choose from and they include: 

#1) Vegan Menu for One: This menu is for one person and does not contain any meat, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy. Dinners take 30 minutes or less to cook and will have leftovers for lunch for the following day to pack for school or work. There are some recipes with leftovers to freeze. Recipes for dinner that are also leftovers for lunch include: vegetable and seed spread, fried black beans, pea soup, festive spaghetti, chickpea sushi, sweet split pea soup, sesame ginger kelp noodles. Includes recipes for smoothies, muesli, and porridge.

#2) Busy Couples Menu: This menu is for 2 people. Dinners take 30 - 45 minutes to prepare and will have leftovers for both individuals to pack for lunch the next day. Dinner recipes include, glazed salmon, broccoli slaw, chicken casserole, millet bean salad, rotini with beef sauce, herbed baked tilapia, sweet coleslaw salad, vegetarian chili, dijon pork chops, carrot salad. Breakfasts are healthier packaged foods available at grocery stores and a recipe for blueberry bran pancakes for the weekend treat. Also includes smoothie recipes and a fruit sorbet recipe.

#3) Menu for One: This menu is for one person. Most of the recipes serve 1, a few recipes serve 2 in order to have leftovers or to freeze. Most of the recipes are quick and easy taking only 20-30 minutes to prepare. Breakfast includes healthy packaged foods from the grocery store plus recipes for fruity bran muffins and millet porridge. Lunch recipes include ham omelet, turkey tortilla sandwich, pita pizza, salmon sandwich, and 2 dinner leftovers. Dinner recipes include mustard sauce over salmon, red beans and rice salad, pasta with chicken and sundried tomatoes, orange glazed pork chop, lamb stew (cooks for 1 hour), cozy lime chicken, minestrone soup. Also includes 2 smoothie recipes.

#4) Menu for a Family of Four: This menu is for 4 people. Includes primarily vegetarian meals except for 1 chicken meal and 1 fish meal. Breakfast recipes include slow cooker millet apple porridge, slow cooker rice porridge, muesli cereal. Lunches are primarily leftovers from dinners except for 2 recipes - veggie sandwich and the vegetable spread. Dinner recipes include slow cooker split pea soup, chicken linguine, tempeh burger with mango relish, mexican pasta vegetable bake, teriyaki tofu stir fry, steamed fish with herb sauce, beans and vegetable stew. Snack recipes include 2 smoothies, banana raspberry chocolate popsicles, sweet sunflower balls, chickpea dip, frozen fruit sorbet and guacamole.


 Online Consultation


The nutritional consultation is a great way to help you to get started on achieving your health goals. I will give you valuable tips and guidelines for achieving 2 of your personalized health goals along with tips based on what you typically eat in a day.


This service is available via a phone call (client incurs any longer distance fees)and e-mail attachment so you can have this amazing deal and stay in the comfort of your own home!






Consultations are useful for those who have specific nutritional questions or concerns that they would like to have answered. They are also helpful as a follow up after other nutritional services to provide additional support and guidance in order to achieve one's health goals. After registering, Jennifer will e-mail you a questionnaire to answer and within 1 week she will send you an e-mail with the nutritional guidelines attached.

One Week Nutrition Bootcamp 

Are you sick and tired of feeling lousy, low energy, and carrying excess weight? Could you use a jumpstart to get moving in the right direction to achieving your health goals? Are you determined to make a change? This is the program for you. It is an intensive yet doable one week filled with the tools that you need to achieve these goals. The bootcamp will include recipes, foods to avoid and foods to include, supplements, herbs, teas, exercise tips, breathing exercise, cleansing juicing & smoothie recipes and much more!! Clients have lost up to 8 lbs in one week!! You incorporate all of the goals and suggestions provided each day into your meals and lifestyle and reap the benefits!! Commit yourself to one week of health and wellness!

Online Nutrition Bootcamp with daily morning e-mail communication. 

Begin your one week journey. Pick the week that works best for you!

No Dates Scheduled at this Time. 



Only $60/person


Registration deadline is noon on the Friday of that week  .

Less than $9 a day to jumpstart your health!




For more information about the online nutritional services please contact

Jennifer by e-mail at



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