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Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (R.N.C.P) 

Telephone:  905-455-3153





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 I offer a variety of classes, including meatless whole food cooking classes. Whole food refers to foods that are as close to their natural growing state as possible, avoiding processed and refined foods which contain excessive amounts of salt, dangerous fats, sugar, harmful chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. The cooking classes are meatless because many people already know how to prepare meats but are unfamiliar with preparing beans and grains into delicious meals. I offer nutritional seminars which provide valuable dietary information on a variety of interesting topics. The personalized nutritional evaluations are essential to anyone who is striving to reach optimal nutritional health. Consultations are useful for those who have specific nutritional questions or concerns that they would like to have answered. The health programs provide structure, guidance and suggestions for people who are determined to improve their eating habits. The menu plan is essential for anyone who feels that cooking at home is impossible to organize  and for those who would like to eat healthier meals. A menu plan can be created for either individuals, families or group homes. I have self-published 2 cookbooks, Cooking with Delectable Whole Foods and the second is Passionate About Food. Both contain 100 delicious and nutritious meatless meals. I have also compiled information into individual booklets on a variety of topics. The grocery store tours are useful to simplify grocery shopping and to pinpoint healthy food choices. I offer a large variety of nutritional services so that there is something for everyone. I look forward to meeting you!




Nutrition in the workplace


 - Available for corporate and charitable events. 

Many companies are providing group nutritional seminars and private consultations

for their valuable staff members. Ask your workplace management if they would like to increase productivity and reduce sick days by providing their staff with healthy nutritional guidelines!!




Pre-registration is required for all classes. 

Flexible hours, including days, evenings and weekends. 

 For more information or to register please call or email me.


Payment Options: Cash, Banking e-transfer, Paypal or Personalized Cheque 

Location:  By appointment only: 40 Abbey Road, Brampton, ON.

Largest intersection is Steeles and Main St.