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Group Grocery Store Tour Dates:

No dates scheduled at this time. Join my newsletter to be

kept up to date on upcoming events.

Limited space, pre-registration required.

Contact Jennifer 905-455-3153 or e-mail:

Fee: $30/person


What does this service include?

 -  the walk through tour of a grocery store takes roughly 1 hour 

- we will discuss the healthier options within each food category

- what to look for when reading food labels

- you will receive a useful handout that summarizes everything that will be covered in the walk through

- bring your questions

Who would benefit from this service?

 - college students just going out on their own

- anyone who is just learning how to prepare their own meals, perhaps a widowed man whose wife did the cooking

- newlyweds who need to learn how to shop and prepare meals as a couple

- new parents learning how to feed their child

- people on a strict financial budget but who are focused on eating a healthy diet

- anyone on a new restricted diet 

Why would someone register for a store tour?

To take the guess work out of shopping and learn the facts about food. This will help you to be more efficient and speed up the whole grocery shopping experience.

When is this service available?

 -  Weekdays, evenings or weekends. Flexible schedules.

Where do the tours take place?

- I offer grocery store tours in Brampton.

What is the cost? Prices include taxes.

Register with friends and save some money!

Private - $60

Group of 2 people - $35/person

Group of 3 people - $30/person

Group of 4 people - $25/person

Group of 5 people - $20/person


How do I register?

You may register for a store tour by either calling Jennifer at 905-455-3153 or by sending an e-mail to

Payment options include - VISA or Cash.