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Visit the link below to watch me prepare a delicious Chocolate Nut Oatmeal Cookie which is a healthier version of Chocolate Macaroons, the recipe is from my first cookbook, Cooking with Delectable Whole Foods. Enjoy!




Group Cooking Classes

 None scheduled at this time. Sign up for my newsletter to be kept 

up to date on upcoming classes.

* Fun filled 2 hours of cooking, eating, socializing and of course learning nutritional tips along the way!

  * Sample each dish and receive a copy of the recipes. 

* All of the recipes in Jennifer's cooking classes are vegetarian, a wonderful way to add variety to anyone's mealtime!

Only $35/person per class (Cash Only)

Registration deadline is the Monday of that weeks class.



Location: 40 Abbey Road, Brampton. ON. Nearest intersection is Nanwood and Main St. in  Brampton


Pre-Registration Required

Call: 905-455-3153 or e-mail:


Register today to avoid disappointment!





Good Foods for the Gut


Not scheduled at this time.


Recipes that promote a healthy gut while also being easy, delicious and nutritious!





Lose Weight Cooking Class


Not scheduled at this time.

Includes amazing recipes that will promote weight loss! 








Energy Boosters Cooking Class


Not scheduled at this time.


Learn how to increase your energy levels by including specific foods into your meals, snacks and beverages. My clients notice an improvement in their energy levels in one week.





Quick Meals


Not scheduled at this time.


Each entree is under 30 minutes to prepare!! Quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meals in a hurry!





Foods to Boost Your Immune System


Not scheduled at this time.


Avoid getting the cold or flu this winter! If you do get sick learn how to reduce the length and severity of the illness!

Valuable nutrients and antioxidants help to protect us from colds and flu's. Learn what foods contain them and how to prepare delicious dishes with those ingredients.





Tasty Fiber

Not scheduled at this time.

Yes, you read that correctly, adding fiber to your diet can taste yummy! Fiber is crucial at regulating blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and assisting with weight loss!! So join this class and learn to love fiber! 




Probiotic Cooking Class

Not scheduled at this time.

Probiotics are essential to good health. This class will provide tips on how to easily incorporate probiotics into your meals and snacks. We will also discuss what they are, the benefits, how much do we need and much more. Sample delicious foods and take the recipes home with you.



Cooking Class Parties!

Design your own girl's night out (or it could be a daytime  party)! Get some girlfriends together, choose a menu and I will teach a cooking class to your group. We can even mix and match the recipes to create your own menu. 

The cooking classes are an opportunity to expand one's knowledge of whole foods - how they are prepared and how to incorporate them into delicious meals without hours in the kitchen. I use whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, avoiding processed and refined foods which contain excessive amounts of salt, dangerous fats, sugar, harmful chemical preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. 

Each class is 2 hours long, and clients will sample each dish as they are prepared and receive a copy of the recipes. 

Flexible schedule including days, evenings and weekends. 

Gift Certificates are available, what a great idea for Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas and special occasions!

Group Size

Cost per person per class

3 people

= $60

4 people

= $45

  *Inquire about rates & locations for larger groups. I can also travel to your home to teach a cooking class to a group of your friends!!



Cooking Class Menus:


Nutritious Breakfasts

 Breakfast is an important meal of the day, starting with whole grains.

oatmeal almond granola

oat bran and raisin muffins

vanilla rice cream porridge

fruity whole grain pancakes

quinoa porridge

millet porridge


Additional Nutritious Breakfasts

cranberry pancakes

buckwheat pancakes

fruity bran muffins

walnut granola

kasha porridge

Steel cut (Irish) oat porridge 


Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lunches

Beans are high in protein and fiber.


almond black bean spread

 sweet mixed bean salad

fried spicy black beans

tofu "egg salad" spread

chickpea falafel


Delicious Dinners #1

- quick and easy delicious dinners -

arame roll

tempeh in peanut sauce

vegetarian chili

sweet mixed bean casserole


 Delectable Dinners #2

black bean & millet salad

squash & black bean stew

spicy millet & quinoa toss

chickpea stew


Tasty Dinners #3

lentil burgers

chickpea vegetable burgers

tempeh stir fry

tangy avocado bean salad


Vegetarian Pasta Dishes

Using a variety of whole grain pastas.

pasta with vegetables & sunflower seeds in a sweet miso sauce

pasta with spicy peanut sauce

spaghetti with tomato tofu sauce

 pasta with roasted vegetables & walnuts

miso soup with noodles



Wonderful for those cold fall and winter nights.

curried squash and mushroom soup

miso soup

split pea vegetable soup

barley lentil soup


Additional Soups

pumpkin beet soup

minestrone soup

cream of watercress soup

lentil pasta soup


Fresh & Tasty Salads


raw beet salad

carrot & raisin salad

radicchio endive with pear salad

quinoa tabbouleh


Salads & Vegetable Side Dishes 

arame saute

tamari spicy baked fries

beet salad

brown rice & black bean salad

sweet & sour coleslaw

vegetarian sushi


Scrumptious Desserts 

 Delicious & nutritious, made without white flour, 

white or brown sugar or milk.

peanut butter eatmores

rice and almond butter crispies

tangy chocolate cookies

carrot ginger & pineapple cake

banana oatmeal cookies


 Desserts #2

quinoa peanut butter cookies

zucchini chocolate muffins

nutty popcorn balls

frozen fruit "yogurt"

chocolate oat coconut cookies


Stevia Sweetened Recipes

Includes, a brief description of stevia, recipes, its health benefits, 

uses and limitations.

pineapple carrot squares

peanut butter cookies

chocolate chip cookies

carob oat cookies

ginger sweet coleslaw


Teas & Beverages

This class is 1 hour and is $30/private

spicy chai

spearmint tea

green ginger tea

carob delight tea

roobois tea

kukicha twig tea

orange banana spritzer

blueberry smoothie

strawberry banana spritzer

carob shake

green tea fruit smoothie