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Cooking Classes Testimonials:

"I came looking for a motivation in my cooking and eating habits and I sure did get it. Everything was well done. The menus were simple and very very tasty." M. W

"Really enjoyed. Looking forward to feeding kids healthier snacks/desserts." J. W

"Excellent choice of menus. Very well organized. Lots of fun. I would definitely recommend the courses to others." P. M

"Well organized cooking classes. Delicious recipes. Handouts from seminar was very helpful." L. L

"Excellent class! I learned a lot. Very Tasty!" N.S

"Great learning experience about food choices and nutritional facts. Loved the carrot pineapple cake!" M.A

"Very informative, great recipes!" M.A

Personalized Nutritional Evaluation Testimonials

"I was extremely surprised at the amount of work you put forth. I was really happy with your research and communication. We will be following a lot of your suggestions and feel that the whole family needs a bit of change. We will be in touch with you for other consultations for the family." Thank-you. D.S

8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Program Testimonials:

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer and the help she has given me with making better food choices. She has not only educated me about the effects of foods on my body but has shown me that I can actually make these delicious foods myself! For a former non-cook, I now cook all the time! The recipes are easy, delicious and so good for you! Thank-you Jennifer! I will miss our classes together and I will think of you often when I make my food choices! I will stay in touch and hope to be back for more help I'm sure! I will also tell anyone who hears me about your amazing services. You are truly talented at what you do!" Anna Pita-Ferreira, Family Connections Program Supervisor from Associated Youth Services of Peel


"Over the past 15 years I've tried numerous types of diets, and read a variety of books and magazines nutrition and weight loss but I've always had a hard time implementing the information. The Healthy Lifestyle Program helped me to make sense and order of things that I already knew ("common sense" things); I had an idea of what foods we need to be healthy, but the program helped me understand their "function" and effect on the body (i.e. whole foods vs. processed and refined foods). Starting the lessons with the basics set a strong foundation for the new information that was added each week. This system made it easy to incorporate the lessons and recipes into my daily routine. The recipes were delicious, and introduced me to foods that I would not have

otherwise tried. Though I may not always eat whole, healthy foods, I am certainly more aware of the choices I make and their potential

consequences (i.e. feeling tired due to lack of protein or grains;

headaches from processed and foods high in refined sugar). I am more energetic, my skin feels and looks better, and I have lost (and kept off) weight. I am amazed at how small key changes in diet can make such a big difference in overall wellbeing.

Thanks for laying the foundation for my new, healthier lifestyle!"

Helen Garf


"I wanted to thank you so much for working with me to help me achieve my health and nutrition goals. I have learned so much about organic foods, proper food blending, nutritional supplements, the benefits of being active and much more. Two months ago I had no idea what Qinuoa, Millet and Miso were...had never even heard of them. Today I make things like home-made Hummus and Sushi- who would have guessed.

Getting back to basics, cooking from "scratch" using ingredients in their natural states and eliminating the preservatives has helped me feel better inside and out. With my body "working" well, I feel so much better. I have more energy, eliminated my almost constant stomach discomfort, I am sleeping better at night, and an unexpected perk...my fingernails are growing again for the first time in more than 5 years. My priority was to lose weight and happily I have. I know I still have quite a way to go with my weight loss goals..but in the meantime...I'm eating and living a healthier way and feeling great.

I really enjoyed the program set-up. The first part of each session being used to go over nutritional information, review my meal diary and goal setting. The second part for cooking lessons where I learned about new and healthier foods and how to cook them. I enjoyed every new dish and even my husband looked forward to sampling them as well.

Admittedly, it was hard at first (all those veggies!) and took a bit of time to adjust to a new routine of prepping food in advance each week. But like any new habit...it got easier as the weeks passed and has become almost second nature. Thank you also for helping me find ways to "tweak" the recipes I already used and for healthy treat ideas for my kids. Another perk of the program was the benefits our new healthier eating habits had for my husband who suffers from IBS.

I look forward to joining your "walk and talk" program in the spring.

Thanks again - so much. " Susan Somanlall (IGLD Educational Resource Facilitator)



Menu Plan & Cooking Classes Testimonials:

"Hi Jennifer; I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I've enjoyed all of your whole food cooking classes and have learned a fair bit about nutrition through you. All of your recipes are delicious and better yet very healthy. The week menu plan you prepared for me is very easy to follow and the new recipes included are great as well. I am sure as long as I follow the plan laid out for me that I will get down to the acceptable weight I want to be. Combinations of foods really work as well which you have taught me. I thought I had a fairly good understanding of good healthy eating habits but I was wrong and with your help I am a lot more knowledgeable on the subject. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to lose weight or just eat healthier to take your classes. I have tried many diets over the years and have lost weight only to put most or all back on as soon as I went back to regular eating. Following your guidelines it is not really a diet but a new way of living and I feel I have more energy and really enjoy my meals. Oh yes, and your dessert recipes are delicious as well. I feel deprived of nothing in my diet anymore."  Sincerely; Cheryl Jackson

"I would like to thank you for the great menu that you have prepared for me. I have to admit that it took me a couple of weeks to get into cooking again but now I enjoy it. The dishes you have given me taste great and most of all are healthy. The advise you have given me has been very helpful; the books I have gotten from you are very informative. I also feel much better and look forward to getting another menu from you." Sybil, December 15, 2006